Thunder Beach Quilt

Thunder Beach Quilt Raffle


2016 Autumn - Saturday, Oct. 22nd @ The Thunder Beach Saloon
at Frank Brown Park

The Thunder Beach Quilt was raffled at the Thunder Beach Saloon tent in Frank Brown Park, Saturday, April 30.  The winner, Mama Kat aka Kathy Jones, sent us these pictures.






"Mama Kat aka Kathy Jones of Fort Valley, GA.  I am 50 years old. I decided for a change in my life and to learn to ride. This was my first Bike Rally ever, my first Ride ever long distance.  More so this Lady, whom I admire more than anyone could know, Rhonda Dunn aka RiRi taught me to ride my motorcycle 12 weeks ago.  RiRi is a BYKR BROZ and has been riding for 10 plus years.  I gave the quilt to her as a gift for taking her time to teach me to ride my scoot for three weeks every day.  I owe her everything. I love her to the moon n back... Thank you so much, the quilt is gorgeous."