for Thunder Beach Motorcycle Rally and beyond!

Get 24/7 motorcycle coverage

To you, every week is bike week, that’s why we’ve teamed up with Progressive to make sure you’re traveling on the road most protected. Join the over 33 million people who trust Progressive to insure their motorcycles and more.*

Progressive is America’s #1 motorcycle insurer for a reason. In case of an accident, their Comprehensive and Collision coverage can return your bike to pre-accident condition or better. Plus, their repairs are always done with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts.

More coverages for your journey

Liability insurance covers you, up to the limits of your policy, if you’re responsible for injuries to someone else or you damage their vehicle or property. It also helps cover legal costs in case you’re sued.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist coverage is available to cover you and your passengers if you’re injured by another driver or rider without insurance (or not enough insurance).

Comprehensive coverage will pay to replace or repair your vehicle if it’s stolen, vandalized, or damaged due to fire, hitting an animal, or an act of nature. Collision coverage is also available to cover damage to your vehicle if you’re in an accident with another vehicle or object.

Don’t forget you can bundle and save

Bundle your motorcycle policy with home and/or auto to see if you can not only save but also enjoy having all your insurance all together.

*​​Products included: Personal Auto, Boat, Motorhome, Travel Trailer, Snowmobile, Motorcycle, and Commercial Auto.